Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Over the bank holiday weekend we made our annual trip up to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival… and as always, it didn’t let me down!

Running from Friday to Monday it’s a super chilled out festival filled with great food, great drinks (all the ciders), great music and lots and lots of dancing. I normally head up on a Friday morning to set up the tent with everyone before chilling out for the afternoon, but since nothing actually begins until the evening, it seemed silly to waste a day’s holiday. So, as my mom usually does, I left most the others to head up in the day and get our little camp set up, before me and my brother-in-law drove up after work (hooray for finishing an hour early on a Friday!

What I love most about the festival is just how relaxing it is. Even though you’re on the go all the time, it doesn’t feel at all hectic or stressful in the slightest. Everyone there is just enjoying the music and each other’s company, and it’s such a truly fantastic atmosphere. What I also love, is the way you can literally wear whatever the hell you like and no one bats an eyelid. Let’s just say that when camping, my beauty regime kinda goes out the window and I don’t generally look all to fresh – having uncontrollable thick hair without access to straighteners is never going to be a good combination. The folk festival is the one time in the year when I really don’t care about my appearance… because no one judges.

I pretty much spent the whole weekend up on my feet and came home feeling ridiculously tired.... but it was so worth it! So much amazing food, so much alcohol, and so many laughs - we even fitted in one dance at the Ceilidh!

Shrewsbury Folk Festival it was a blast. Until next year.


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