Hello Lolita

As a brand, Kat Von D wasn’t really on my radar when I visited the states last June and so, on my trips to Sephora the counter was one I didn’t visit. Of course, since then the brand has exploded – particularly in the world of beauty blogging – and I’ve been dying to give some of the highly recommended products a try.

The everlasting liquid lipsticks are well hyped, and after looking at the shades some months back, really wanted to get my hands on Lolita. As always, living in the U.K. means it’s one of those brands we can’t get our hands on without pay a ridiculous amount of money for shipping/customs fees (no thanks).

On a whim, I messaged my sister whilst she was on her honey moon in America, just asking that if she saw a Sephora (she’s not a big makeup person) and had the time, could she pop in a see if she could get me that exact shade of lipstick. She said yes, however I heard nothing about it after that.

With it being one of the more popular shades I wasn’t very optimistic that it would be in stock anywhere… however when she handed me my bag of presents on their return, there it was inside! It’s safe to say I was pretty excited and so went to give it a try straight away.

The colour is quite bold and dark with pinky/purple/brown tones. I really love it and have no doubt that it will be perfect for the autumn and winter months. After giving it a proper trial run over the weekend it's safe to say that the formula is pretty damn incredible and that's a big statement coming from someone who's never been such a big fan off matte lipstick formulas. 

Whilst of course this product is somewhat drying as most matte lip products are, it still feels extremely comfortable on the lips... especially when you pop a lip balm on underneath. The product applies really easily and evenly, leaving a great colour after one easy swipe. As the name states it's a liquid lipstick on initial application but then dries down to it's incredibly matte formula. In terms of lasting power I've found it has incredible longevity.... withstanding the food/drink test (without even leaving a mark on my glass)!

So far so good with this one.... I'm really glad I got my hands on it (and even more glad that Kat Von D is hitting the UK at some point soon)!!


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