Speedy Blush!

I’ve never really used cream based production when applying my makeup… and to be honest, I don’t really know why. For someone who doesn’t particularly wear much foundation, and when I do, it’s generally a liquid based formula, it seems strange that I’ve only reached for powder products for all these years. Whilst they do look nice, I find sometimes they don’t sit too well on the skin and they can often look quite powdery when applied (although I still love the ones I have in my collection).

Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more cream based products hitting the stores; be it bronzers, contour shades, blushers or highlighters. With it being summer and the weather being warmer, I generally go for a lighter base anyway as I like having a dewy and fresh complexion. Having freckles means they become even more prominent once the sun comes out and I like to embrace them as opposed to hiding them under layers of foundation. I just find when it’s hot, a nice dewy fresh faced look is so pretty, and also, using less products means your skin gets to breathe!

Having never really used cream products, I didn’t want to splash out and buy myself something too extreme or high end, as to be honest, I don’t have the spare money just lying around to waste if it turns out a product isn’t for me. As well as that, highstreet beauty brands are pretty damn good and in my opinion, their products and new releases are getting continually stronger. Collection is one of those brands that is just going from strength to strength. I’m constantly seeing/hearing amazing things about (pretty much) all the products they release, and I myself have been so impressed with the products I have from their collection.

So, when browsing Superdrug with my mom and aunt the other week, I caught sight of these two stick form cream products (Collection's Speedy Blush and Speedy Highlighters), and upon swatching, I loved them. For only £3.99 each you really can’t go wrong, especially since their formulas are so great.
I just apply them directly from the stick onto my skin and then blend them out with my finger. I went for this beautiful corally shade blush (02 Cheeky) which is super pretty and just perfect for the summer months (other shades available). It applies easily from the stick without pulling at the skin, and once blended, looks really glowy and natural whilst also being really buildable if desired.
The highlighter (01 Pearl Sheen) is absolutely gorgeous and so naturally looking which is why I love it so much. I adore my Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm, however that really is an intense and shimmery glow, so I don’t tend to use it on an everyday basis. This cream highlighter however, give such a naturally enhanced glow without looking too over the top or shimmery. Like the blusher, it blends out really easily, and just gives your skin the glow in needs on an everyday basis without giving you that ‘glitter-ball’ looks.

I definitely want to start trying out more cream based products, so let me know what you recommend in the comments below!

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