Five Happy Things!

It’s back… well, more importantly, I’m back! I think (fingers crossed everyone I’ve finally got back in to the blogging game! It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly, and I really wanted to get things back on track, giving you all regular content to get stuck in to! (I’m also hoping there may be a little revamp going on over here as my blog hits its 2nd birthday – keep your eyes peeled)!

Now, if you’re an avid reader of Things Tanith Did, then you’ll know the drill with Five Happy Things. It’s basically an idea that came to me towards the start of my blogging days, when trying not to dwell on the negative things and focus purely on the positive. I set myself the challenge of thinking of five things that made me happy each week as a way of incorporating more positivity into my life… and sometimes, I even share it with you guys!

So, what are my five happy things right now?

1.  Last week I got to go out for dinner and catch up with two of my closest friends, both of which I haven’t seen for far too long. We ate yummy food and chatted for hours about pretty much everything! It was wonderful.

2. My sister and her husband (I still find that so weird to say), recently got back from their amazing honeymoon in the states (San Fran, LA and Vegas….. jealous anyone?!), and so, on Sunday night, both mine and her husband’s family went round to their house to hear all about it…. And eat lots of food (ok, there is definitely a food related pattern emerging here).

    3. Tonight, I’m meeting up with another of my best friends who is currently back from London for a few days! It’s going to be great to catch up with her and just chat like we’ve always done.

       4. My manager is currently away on holiday, meaning the communications and marketing department at work literally consists of….. me. After only working with the company for three months I was a bit apprehensive about being left alone to man the fort, however one week is down and I’ve survived!

     5. On Friday I head off to Shrewsbury Folk Festival with my family for a weekend of cider, great food, awesome music and one hell of a lot of dancing (expect to see a run-down of what happened next week). We go every year, and I just can’t wait!

It’s been a good few weeks and right now I’m feeling extremely positive and happy about everything. As August comes to an end, lets see what the next few months have in store!

Tanith xx

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