The Perfect Transitional Dress!

The weather here in Britain can be somewhat temperamental. Just the other week we were wake boarding in thunderstorms, sleet and freezing temperatures on day... and then a few days later basking in glorious sunshine! You can never predict what is going to happen next, so I find having a good combination of pieces in my wardrobe allows me to prepare for any eventuality. 

Even when the sun is shining, it can get quite chilly in the evenings or when in the shade, so I find that having clothing that is suitable for all kinds of weather is best. I love wearing dresses. I just find them so freeing and far more comfortable then jeans. So, they are generally what I reach for when getting ready on a day to day basis. When browsing for that perfect 'transitional' spring/summer piece, this button sleeved shirt-dress* from JD Williams' Summer Dress category instantly caught my eyes.... and I completely love it!

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Being 5ft 10in, I always find it difficult to find dresses that are long enough.... particularly when wearing them bare legged in the warmer months. As soon as I popped this dress on, I loved the length  which was an instant bonus. It covers enough of me that I'd be comfortable wearing it bare legged, whilst also looking good with either leggings or tights (as above) when it's a bit chilly. Material wise, it's great for the current weather, and the three quarter sleeves keep you covered without restricting your movement in any way! 

I love how casual this dress is, with its loose collar, centre buttons and little breast pockets. It's quite loose fitting so doesn't cling to any problem areas (bonus), but the little material belt around the waist is perfect for synching you in and accentuating your figure, whilst also giving a far more fitted and flattering look to the dress. 

This dress is so different to anything else I currently own, and I loved wearing it as a relaxed weekend outfit in the British spring weather last weekend!

 *Garment gifted by JD Williams


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