A Little Pandora Treat!

As I said the other week when talking about a lovely bracelet I received for Christmas, I've never really been someone who wears jewellery on a regular basis. A couple of years ago however, after being together for a year, Dan bought me a wonderful Tiffany ring from New York as a token of his love, and I've lived in it ever since! 

So, when I received a £25 gift card for Pandora for Christmas, I was unsure what to treat my self to.... but I knew that a ring seemed like the most practical purchase, and one I would wear most often. I've not really looked into Pandora products before, so it was nice being able to browse through all the beautiful jewellery they have to offer. It was when I set eyes on this beautiful ring however, that my search was over! 

It is the Bow Ring (£55) from the Pandora Rose collection, and I'm absolutely in love with it! The ring, as well as all the other items in the Pandora Rose collection, have a gorgeous warm blushed hue, which gives them such an elegant and feminine appearance. The bow shape on the top, covered in clear Cubic Zirconia stones adds something really special to this particular ring, and something that really drew my attention towards it when I was browsing in the shop. 

I wear this on the middle finger of my left hand (I wear size 58), and it looks completely perfect. I think that wearing it on the middle finger really balances out the bow design, and I literally cannot stop looking at it when it is on my finger!


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