Urban Fudge!

My hair loses style at the click of my fingers. I step out the house, and within about 10 minutes, any style it had (be it curly or straight) is gone, and it always seems to end up looking fluffy and out of control. Although my hair isn't that long, its super thick, which makes it difficult to style and just generally manage on a daily basis. 

I love my hair curly/wavy, but -especially in winter- the curls seem to drop instantaneously, leaving my hair wild and untameable. I've never been one for hairspray however, as I always find it leaves my hair looking crispy and not too great at all, so I've always just left the weather to do its thing rather then attempting to hold any style in place.

But then, I discovered this strong hold hairspray from Urban Fudge!

Not only is the iced raspberry and vanilla scent absolutely incredible leaving your hair smelling divine, but it works amazingly well at keeping everything in place. I've been using this particular hairspray for a couple of months now, and I find that it leaves your hair looking nice and normal, without that vile crispy look mentioned above. 

It definitely does its job as a 'strong hold' spray by keeping your style held in well in all long, and what I particularly love, is that it is so easy to brush out! This means that at the end of the day, you can get any residue out of your locks, without having to fight the brush through each strand and leaving yourself in pain!

What hairspray do you use?


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