Hello Jo Malone!

Until recently, I'd never particularly understood the hype surrounding Jo Malone as a brand. To be truly honest, I thought the products seemed overpriced for what they were, and none of the scents had ever really appealed to me. But a couple of months back I thought I'd actually go and give them a smell, and try to get my head around why their products are so loved amongst the blogging community.

I'm not going to lie, there were still many of the colognes that really weren't for me, however, after giving their Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance a sniff, I just knew it was the one for me. 

The deep woody fragrance has a very masculine edge to it, and isn't the sort of scent that I'd usually be drawn to, but I spritzed it on to myself in Selfridges and just loved the smell of it on me for the rest of the day! I've always been the type of person who likes fruity/slighly sweet perfumes, so I was completely taken aback by the fact that I loved this one so much.

It contains the base note of sage, heart note of sea salt and top note of ambrette seeds, combine together to create a cologne thats earthy and aromatic, yet fresh all at the same time. Perhaps its because I'm 22 now, and a 'grown up' - in the very loosest sense of the word - but I find this fragrance so sophisticated, and when I spritz it onto me, I feel (slightly) sophisticated too!

Jo Malone fragrances are definitely not the type of thing I would purchase myself on a regular basis due to their cost - although I am super impressed with how well the fragrance lasts on my skin -, however I was very, very lucky to receive this as a birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend, and I couldn't be more grateful! 


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