My Current Favourite Albums!

I'm pretty sure that music keeps me sane about 99% of the time, and to be honest, I don't know what the heck I would do without it. No matter what mood I'm in, there's always a particular artist/song for that moment, and I adore the way that music has the power to instantly change your mood. 

I use music to relax me, motivate me, cheer me up... and make me feel virtually every possible emotion. 

Now, all the music I have is stored on my iPod, but only my complete favourites make it onto my phone. This is the thing I take everywhere with me, along with a set of headphones which live permanently in my bag. Together these two items keep me going throughout the day (specifically on long train journeys to and from university), and this is why they are constantly at hand.

So, its time to talk about my current favourite albums!

Alestorm definitely won't be up everyone's street, but for me personally, I can't get enough of them! They are a pirate metal band from Scotland and their songs literally have the ability to make you feel awesome.... no joke. As soon as I get their music blasting through my earphones or speakers, I just want to jump around - they're an instant mood uplifter! Now, my favourite album of theirs is Sunset on The Golden Age, which shockingly I don't currently have on my phone (don't you worry, this will soon be rectified). So basically, if you like metal, and you like pirates, then give these guys a listen... you won't regret it!

To completely contrast that first album, Taylor Swift's 1989 is another one I've been loving so much the last few months. When I first got my hands on it and had a listen, I just wasn't sure about it at all and felt it to be a let down compared to her other albums; however, after giving it a proper go I can raise up my hands and say I was wrong! The girl has done it again, creating another stunning musical masterpiece, and an album that contains such a brilliant variety of songs. 

Ahhh, George Ezra. At the same age as me, I find it truly astounding how well he has done for himself in such a short space of time. I remember first hearing 'Budapest' when we were on holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago, and after that first hearing, it seemed to be played literally everywhere. My Mom picked up his album not long after, and I instantly loved it. I'm aware his music isn't really everyone's cup of tea, but in my opinion.... just wow. His voice is incredible and all his songs are beautifully seamless, tying together in one hell of a fantastic album. I look forward to hearing much much more from him!

The Maine are a band whose music is extremely nostalgic to me. I began listening to them when I was around 13 years old and I'm pretty sure I've purchased every album since - as well as seeing them live 4 times (hardcore fan over here)! They are an alternative/rock/punk band from Arizona, who just know how to write a catchy song. Their latest album 'American Candy' came out in March this year, and it didn't take long for it to become one of my favourite albums! These guys rock!

What albums are you loving right now?


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