Lets Get Fruity!

Remember fruit salad sweets? They have always been one of my favourites (along with black jacks), and I've loved them ever since I was young. So when I saw that Imperial Leather have brought out a 'sweets' range, my mind instantly went 'YES'!

Not only does is smell utterly incredible, but it also lathers up like crazy, leaving your skin feeling super soft and fresh. Despite not smelling exactly like fruit salad sweets (well, not how I remember them anyway), it still smells wonderfully fruity and sweet and I feel as though it is the perfect fragrance for a morning shower - it definitely has the ability to wake you up!

This most certainly has a 'mouthwatering' scent, and for such an affordable price (I think it was on offer for only £1 when I picked it up), you just can't say no - particularly if you have a sweet tooth like me.


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