New York In Photographs!

I had the most fantastic week in New York City. It marked the first time me and Dan have been abroad together since we became a couple three and a half years ago... and it was definitely a great trip! The weather was hot; like too hot for us. We just aren't used to the warm weather since we only get it here in England for a few weeks (ok, maybe days) a year. The sunshine made everything look so beautiful, and made it far easier when walking around the city - I got to leave my waterproof and umbrella safely in the hotel room.

The trip was consisted of three main activities. Walking, eating and shopping. The latter two were definitely my favourite since walking around so much killed my poor little feet... although walking is definitely a great way to explore the city, as we wouldn't have discovered the things we did if we'd have ridden the subway everywhere (although it is safe to say that our week subway passes were a godsend)!

I'll definitely be visiting again at some point in the future, however for now, it is definitely time to let my bank balance recover.....

Times Square 

Grand Central

Bryant Park

View of Empire State and Chrysler buildings

Empire State

Flat Iron Building

Natural History Museum

Central Park 

View from Top of The Rock

A few Random Snaps


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