Those Lovely Earrings!

I've had my ears pierced since I was three years old; when to my moms surprise, I asked if I could get them done like my older sister! Since then, I've had an on and off relationship with earrings, going through phases of wearing them constantly, to barely wearing them at all. The problem with not always wearing them, is that I occasionally have to stick an earring through either side just to prevent the hole healing up..... really wouldn't want to have to have them pierced again, and although I'm not a permanent earring wearer, it's just nice to have the option. 

I was excited to see The Body Jewellery Shop as a campaigner with the blogging network EtailPR, as they are a really affordable jewellery company who sell everything from earrings to rings! I instantly wanted the opportunity to try out some of their  ear piercing   jewellery products, as they looked really chic and pretty.... the only problem then, was deciding which ones I liked best!

So, these are what I went for...

 The first set I received* were these white pearl studs which I personally love! They're so classic, simple and chic... a real timeless pair of earrings that are never going to go out of style! There were several different colour alternatives for this product, but I went for the white set, as they will go so well with any outfit I put on, making them super easy to wear all the time! They go into the ear really easily and feel extremely comfortable to wear, not to big and definitely not at all heavy! You really don't feel as though you're wearing them at all, but your ears still look beautiful with them in! 

The second set, were these beautiful silver glitter stud's which look just beautiful in the ear. Their size is perfect as they aren't too big and bulky, but are still large enough for people to see them glisten when they catch the light. They sit so comfortably in my ears - so much so that I forgot I had them in - and their design makes them suitable for everyday wear, but also makes them the perfect evening out earrings! 

*These products were very kindly sent to be from The Body Jewellery Shop


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