The Best Body Butter Ever?

I don't know why I haven't thought to write a post on this product before.... I mean, I've used it for a good few years now and absolutely love it! Whilst using it yesterday, I thought, "hey.. this deserve a space on my blog", so today I'm going to honour that thought a give it the spotlight here on Things Tanith Did!

So, what do I think earns the title of the "best body butter ever"?!

Hands down, it has to be Soap and Glory's "The Righteous Butter"... because it's just so damn amazing. 

Not only does it smell incredible (I'm not going to even attempt to try and describe it, because we all know how that will go), but it just leaves my skin feeling completely wonderful for hours after. What more do you need in a body butter?

The consistency is thick and it gives it such a luxurious feel when applying it to the skin. You'd think that it being thick, it may be hard to rub in to your skin properly... but no, not "The Righteous Butter"; it blends in so effortlessly. So as well as leaving your skin feeling silky and having a gorgeous glow of hours after application, the beautifully subtle smell lasts just as long also!

Soap and Glory are most definitely one of my favourite brands for skin care as their products are so wonderful and extremely affordable at the same time (plus their packaging is always amazing)! If you haven't tried "The Righteous Butter" yet, then I would definitely recommend giving it a try! Why not give your skin some TLC?!


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