The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter!

I've been after a highlighter for ages now, but didn't want to spend a fortune on something without knowing how I would like it once it was on my skin. I've heard many great things about Makeup Revolution as a brand, and having not yet tried anything myself, I thought I go to their counter in Superdrug to see if I could find anything!

I came out with their Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights

Their Vivid Baked collection of highlighters instantly stood out to me as they were beautifully swirled together shimmering in the light, and at only £3.00, I just couldn't resist picking one up and giving it a go!

It took me a while to decide which colour to go for, but this one seemed to look the most natural with my skin tone when I gave it a swatch. 

So, what do I think about it?

While I think as a highlighter itself, it contains such a beautiful luminous glow/shimmer when added to the skin which really catches the light in a pretty yet subtle way; I feel like this colour may not be the best for my skin tone after all! 

I feel as though it has slightly too much of a colour pigment in it, so when I pop it onto my skin it has an almost purple/white colour to it. It's nothing too major or noticeable, but I would just personally prefer it to be almost invisible on my cheeks until it catches the light. I'm not too fussed about this smaller issue I have with the product, because for the price it really does do what it says on the tin, and you can't expect something to be perfect when it only costs £3.00! 

I would definitely be interested in trying out the other colours of highlighter from Makeup Revolution, to see whether I can find one better suited for my skin because I really do like the pretty shimmer it gives when I subtly add it to my cheeks. I wouldn't knock the product purely because of the slight colour it gives as that could easily be different on other skin tones, and overall it's fab!

Have you tried these highlighters, and also, what other highlighters would you recommend (I'd love to know)?


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