A Little Bit Of Youtube!

More and more recently I've began to watch music videos on Youtube! I've never been one to watch music videos - on TV or online - but with a huge passion for media creation (in particular videography and editing), I adore seeing the creative ways music videos are put together, and it's wonderful how creatively produced they can be despite only lasting for a short amount of time!

So, because of my new found love for watching music videos via Youtube, I thought I'd put together a post to share with you all three of my favourite ones at present!

(please note, all the images screen shots were taken from the videos linked below)

George Ezra - Listen To The Man

Just wow. To begin with, I have loved this song ever since I first heard it on the album 'Wanted on Voyage', and now there's an even better music video to accompany it! Ok, so to a lot of you, this video might not be anything particularly special... but I think it's fab! I may be slightly biased since I adore Ian Mckellen (I literally get too excited every time Gandalf comes on the screen), but the pure simplicity of this video makes it so great! Every time I watch it, I cannot help but smile... and I think that is a fabulous quality for any production to have!

Taylor Swift - Style

Ok, miss Swift literally kills it with this song! It has got to be one of my favourites off her most recent album '1989'. I'm sure you've all heard it, since it's been constantly played on the radio over the past couple of weeks since the release of this brilliant accompanying video! Compared to 'Listen to the Man', this video has taken things to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and is brimming with creativity as well as amazing visual elements and stylistic choices. It's far more of a surreal style video; but I think the way it has been produced and edited together is fantastic and suits the song in such a perfect way! If you haven't seen it yet, then you really need to!

 Meghan Trainor - Lips are Movin

When the world was landed with "All About The Base" I really wasn't a fan. Meghan Trainor almost seemed to appear out of nowhere with the hit song, but for me, here latest release 'Lips are Movin' is much more up my street. I really like both the song and video alike.... every time I hear it I just want to dance! So the main things I love about this video are the colours! It's just such a bright and vibrant set and I think it's great how it's almost simplistically filmed as her performing on set, then enhanced by the colours used in each section! Another fantastic thing about this video, is the fact that it uses many different youtube/online stars; bringing them all together to feature in a great video for a great song!

What are your favourite music videos at the moment?


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