My Little Super Box!

There was a little knock on my door today, and I was excited to find that it was this month's delivery of  the "my little box" subscription.  When I opened it, I was greeted with this beautifully vibrant design that instantly got me excited to see what was hidden inside!

 Of course, there was this month's copy of the 'My Little World' magazine, however for March, this was accompanied not by a cute little postcard (which I was quite disappointed about), but these bright and colourful stickers instead. 

As I continued through the box, there was this little package rolled up and sealed with a sticker reading "every girl is a super hero", which I thought was a really nice touch! When I unrolled it, there was a simple grey tshirt that simply said "I believe I can fly." I am yet to try this on, but it is definitely something I would wear due to its simplicity! 

I was really pleased with this month's beauty selection, as I received three really nice and decent sized products to try! Firstly there was the Kertastase 'Lait Cristal', a gorgeous smelling hair conditioner which claims to leaving your hair looking 'luminous, soft and supple.' Secondly, I got the 'My Little Beauty' Lips and cheek stick in a beautiful pinky/coral colour, and finally, a fresh smelling hand and nail cream by Claudalie.

I'm really excited to give all these products go, especially the lips and cheeks stick as I've been wanting a new product to use on my cheeks for a while now! Hopefully soon, I will write a review post of many of the products I've received in the four boxes I've received so far; so if that's something you'd like to see then let me know!


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