Body Image Is Taking Over!

More and more these days the magazines, newspapers and websites we look at are filled with images of beautiful people dressed in gorgeous swimwear or perfect dresses. Are these images corrupting our minds and leading us to have unhealthy opinions of our own body image and the way we feel in our own skin?

I think yes. Definitely yes.

From a young age we are continuously exposed to these types of photographs and it's hard not to judge yourself when you are always staring at girls with 'perfect' figures..... Whatever that means. We see celebrities like Kim Kardashian everywhere, and it's hard not to envy her tiny waist and amazing bum, but this is really beginning to give people unhealthy perceptions as to the way we can achieve such results for ourselves.

Introducing bum pads and glute boosts tablets/creams. Both these products claim to increase the size of your bum... And call me cynical, but I highly question any tablet or cream making such a huge claim. What's wrong with squats? They definitely are beneficial, they're free and you can do them just about anywhere!

I think we need to flip our views of our own bodies. Stop comparing ourselves to others and embrace the figures we have. 

Just a little post on my thoughts! What do you think about body image?


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