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The lovely Ella from Ella Was Here has given herself the mammoth task of creating a January hair series she's called 'Januhairy' (love it)! Her idea behind it is to post a hair related topic everyday for all you lovely people to read, and I was lucky enough to get to write my own contribution to the series along with some other great bloggers!

My post went live on her blog earlier this week, so I though I'd share the it with you whilst also highlighting the fantastic idea Ella's Januhairy series is! Be sure to go and check out the rest of the posts on her blog!

Keep reading to see what I contributed to the series.........

The Full Fringe

Full fringes, they’re great! They hide a multitude of sins. Large forehead? Untidy eyebrows? No longer a problem when you’ve got one!

Although, sometimes they can be more trouble then they’re worth, and speaking as a full fringe wearer for…. well, as long as I can remember, I think I’ve experienced every possible problem that comes with one.

Having a full fringe seems to mean that it gets greasy…. really quickly. The rest of your hair may be fine, but your fringe is having none of it. I personally, think that the constant act of moving it back into place, paired up with the wind blowing it around again just leaves it not too happy.  Dry shampoo is my saviour. I just spritz a bit on each morning – unless it is actually fine – , give it a rub in and style my fringe like normal!

How quickly do they grow? Seriously? If the rest of my hair grew as quickly as my fringe did then I would be a pretty happy girl. When I first have it cut I’m never too happy with it as it always springs back up and looks too short for my liking; however, no sooner has it got to a ‘perfect’ length within a week or so it needs cutting again!

Recently I’ve come across a couple of products that have really helped me with my fringe ‘maintenance’ (if you can call it that)! Firstly; is the Phil Smith Glam Shine serum. This is such a great product, which helps to keep my fringe and the rest of my hair super silky and shiny. One problem I always encounter is that my fringe tends to look quite dry/frizzy….. and this product totally fixes that! All you have to do is work a small amount into wet hair (I usually use the last bit on the lengths of my fringe avoiding getting it too close to the roots) and then style as usual. So quick and simple to use, yet it leaves my fringe looking beautiful and makes the styling process far easier.

Secondly is the Phil Smith Hold On hairspray (see a bit of a pattern emerging here?).  A quick spray of this over my fringe once I’ve finished straightening it, helps keep it in place for hours…. without it looking solid like cardboard!

I would definitely highly recommend getting your hands on both of these products if like me, you have to battle with your fringe most mornings to get it looking beautiful and perfectly in place. They are both of an affordable price and don’t add any longer on to your time getting ready… perfect when you’re up early!

Despite the problems I often encounter with having a full fringe, I still love it! I’ve had one for so long now that it would be so strange not to! My forehead would get lonely with out it (not to be too overdramatic!)

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