A Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. After weeks of barely seeing my boyfriend due to him doing his university assignments, we finally got some quality time together (a whole day)! It was so relaxing and lovely. We didn't do anything exciting. We didn't go out on any adventures. We just stayed in watching television, snuggled up on the sofa and looking after our favourite puppy. Perfect.

(Spam of super cute photographs below - sorry not sorry) 

I took my pentax along with me to Dan's house so I could snap some adorable shots of his families little black cocker spaniel Archie (mentioned/sidetracked by in my youtube video here), who I love far too much! It's hard not too with that face! 

We popped out and picked up a delicious Costa before relaxing and watching some episodes of Break Bad (finally gave into the hype and began watching)! It's a great series so far and I'm thoroughly looking forward to watching more! 

It really was a wonderful day, and despite doing nothing much, it was perfect to get to spend some quality time with my favourite person & puppy! 

Sometimes is great to just do nothing at all. 

Did you all have a good Tuesday?


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