Fitting In With The 'Norm'?!

I've never been one of the 'popular' girls (whatever that word actually means)! At school I didn't hang around with the 'it' girls and get all the boys; and I'm not lying when I say that I am perfectly fine with that! Even from a young age I loathed those girls who were two faced to their apparent best friends, and who caked unflattering makeup onto their faces at the age of 12. What's wrong with acting your age and not covering your natural skin with various products until a suitable age. At that age, it was all done to fit in and make boys like you.... and I really wasn't interested in that! 

The word 'normal' is one that has baffled me my entire life. It is impossible to classify what the word actually means as we don't have identical opinions as to what we believe it represents. To me, being 'normal' would be to follow trends, social conventions and opinions.... mainly in order to please others. But what about yourself? Surely adhering to all that 'normal' stuff would make life boring? 

Ok, I'm not saying it is wrong to follow trends, because I'm sure most people do with particular things throughout their life; but what I am saying is that it's fine to break the boundaries and be who you want to be without having to fear the opinions of others. 

The older I've gotten, the more and more I have believed in that fact. I am my own person, I wear things others hate, I listen to things that others class as 'noise', I get excited about things others don't understand.... and thats OK! Actually, it's more then ok. I love being able to have such a wide range of tastes, think for myself and not follow people around like a sheep, hoping to become more like them. It's great loving lord of the dance, going to folk festivals and adoring heavy metal music all at the same time; and that's me!

At 21, I think I've finally accepted who I am. Yes, there are things I want to change about my appearance, but I'll do that for myself and not because society says I should. I've finally given up caring what others think of me, knowing I'll never be what I classify as 'normal'... and hell, I don't want to be! 

Life is too short to not to do what YOU want.

Forget 'normal', be yourself. That is the best person you can possibly be. 


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