New Skin Care Purchases!

I've never really had a skin care routine that I've stuck to! I'm too lazy and end up spending less and less time on cleansing my skin in the morning and evening (which I know is a terrible excuse)! Lately my skin is just getting worse and worse and it's got to the point where I've decided that enough is enough!

As well as starting a detox of healthier eating and delicious green tea (which I actually love), I've chosen to try and create a new skin care routine that I will actually stick to this time. 

After reading tons of great reviews on the "Garnier Micellar Water" I finally went out and bought some for myself, which I intend to use both in the morning to cleanse my face, and the evening to remove my makeup! I love how it's fragrance free and doesn't sting your face when you use it; it means you actually feel like its cleaning your skin without damaging it or making it sore. 

I asked last night on twitter if anyone knew of any affordable products to help with breakouts, and someone responded saying the "Boots tea tree and witch hazel gel." This is a night time serum that you rub onto your face after cleansing, to help fight spots and clear your face while you sleep. Having only just put this on for the first time, I can't comment on whether it actually works... however it smells so gorgeous and refreshing - so at least thats one good thing!

Obviously, using new products on your skin can initially make it worse, but I'm hoping once these products get working (combined with my detox), my skin will clear up nicely and I'll have my self a god old skin care routine - finally!

What products do you all use?


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