Nail Varnish Obsessed?!

I own far too many nail varnishes! It's a fact! All my friends know who they need to come to if they need to borrow a colour... it's kind of my thing. Despite never being really into makeup, nail varnish has always been one thing I love!

My collection is always growing, and I try to stop myself from buying new polishes... but I just can't! There are always new colours and types coming out with each changing season, and it's nice to change your nails with your mood, style or even the weather!

Really not sure how many I own in total now, although I'm sure it's a lot! My most recent two nail varnish purchases are:

W.I.P (Urban Outfitters) in "Raspberry Beret"
Essie nail laquer in "In Stitches"

Raspberry beret is a beautiful deep purple colour which is so perfect for the autumn season, and in stitches is too hard to describe! It's the first essie nail varnish I've bought - totally adore the colour - so I'll have to see how it holds up over the next few days!


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