Finding Motivation!

As I’ve mentioned numerous times here on Things Tanith Did, I’m forever struggling with my weight. I don’t mean to sound overdramatic, but it really is a battle and sometimes it seems as though I’m never going to reach where to want to be in regards to my weight. My weight fluctuates at a ridiculous rate, and even in the course of a day or two, my weight can change dramatically either way (which I suppose can be a good thing when the weight comes off). Saying that, it more often than not leans to the gaining weight side of things, and I’m pretty sure I only need to think about chocolate to gain weight.

After starting my new job back at the start of May, I found my lifestyle changed dramatically and I became a lot less active. I went from walking a lot, either around university, or to and from the train station, and being on my feet at work quite a good proportion of the time, as well as working out on a regular basis due to having a lot of time free during the days. Starting work in an office was a complete contrast to what I was used to, and I went from being relatively active, to spending the majority of my time sat down at my desk. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the people I work with are wonderful, I’ve just found it so difficult to sort out a new routine to keep myself active. 
It’s quite difficult trying to balance working full time with the things you enjoy. My boyfriend works shifts (mostly in the evenings on certain weekdays), so on a few days, I’m just finishing work as he is starting…. So of course, I like to see him as much as possible when are schedules actually work in favour of one another. To begin with, the change in routine made me so tired I just didn’t have the motivation or energy to hit the gym… but after seeing my weight begin to increase after having done so well to lose some, I began to get that motivation back.
Now I try to work out two or three times a week where my schedule permits this. I’ve started going to a spin class on a Friday evening which is fab (even though it kills me everytime) and a really good workout. Alongside that class, I try to go on a Sunday evening after getting everything ready for the work week ahead and do some form of cardio and weights… and then if I can, squeeze another work out in on any evening I can in the week!

Since getting back to my exercise routine I’ve already started seeing differences. Yes, I still need to be careful with what I’m consuming the majority of the time, as I’m still highly inactive at work a lot of the time. However, I can see my weight gradually improving once again which is great motivation in itself, and it means I don’t feel so guilty when I enjoy that meal out or those biscuits/chocolate here and there.  I hope that I can slowly but surely start to make my way back to where I want to be once again… and more importantly, enjoy the process of doing so.


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