Current Netflix Obsessions

I never really watch television. I mean, the Olympics is on right now and the new series of The Great British Bake Off is coming soon (I just cant get enough of that show)... but other then a few exceptions, I never really find myself watching what’s on ‘live’ television. I suppose as a recent media graduate who focussed rather a lot of television/video production that is rather strange, but to be honest there’s just never really anything that grabs my attention. I’m far more of a Netflix or DVD boxset kinda gal.

I’ve watched the likes of Friends (about a gazillion times), How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, New Girl and Gossip Girl over the past year or so, but having pretty much worn out most of those series I’ve been hunting for something new to watch on Netflix.

Now, I watched Jane the Virgin a couple of months back and absolutely loved it! I was gripped straight away and for every episode after that. Not going to lie, I was gutted once I’d finished season one... especially since it was ended on such a cliff-hanger (mean)! Luckily (or so I thought), season 2 was actually being shown on E4 at the time, so I excitedly went on to All 4 to catch up on the new episodes. Now, not to play on my dramatic side, but I was in dismay to find that the first few episodes had already run their course on All 4, and so, I was unable to carry on with the new series. Sadly, I trawled through Netflix looking for something that could fill the void and while the following shows haven’t quite lived up to the Jane the Virgin level of excitement, I’ve really enjoyed watching them.


Flaked is a Netflix original program and at present there is one season available to watch. It’s based in LA and follows the life of a recovered alcohol. His charater is basically as self help guru who actually is still in need of a lot of help himself. Desoite the relatively short episodes, I found myself becoming really invested in his character which I always find is the sign of a good programme. The humor was very much on my level (unusual for American Tv shows), with a great combination of light and actually pretty dark humor. I like how despite its take on the issues portrayed, the program actually looks at some really important and common issues amongst people in todays society and the hard truth of their impact, just masked by complementing characters and more light hearted storylines.

Gilmore Girls

I used to watch Gilmore Girls occasionally after school when I was younger, but never really watched it fully from start to finish. Due to my irregular watching schedule I never found myself engaged with any of the character and I wasn’t particularly invested in their lives/storylines. Seeing that all the series’ are now on Netflix reminded me about the program, of which I had completely forgotten about, so I thought I’d give it another try, start watching it properly from the beginning and see how I find it.

Jessica Jones

I began watching Jessica Jones after finishing my degree, and I did really enjoy it. It’s one of those programs however, when you really have to watch whats going on 100% of the time or you may miss something crucial. For me, I often like having the tv on in the background whilst I’m doing things, so I’m not always giving it my full undivided attention. When I have more free time I might get back to watching Jessica Jones and see how the show progresses.

Pretty Little Liars

I binged watched Pretty Little Liars last year when I was ill and completely loved it. It’s gripping and the series’ seem to get darker as they progress. However, when Season 6 came out I found myself getting somewhat bored of the characters, feeling that the storyline wasn’t as exciting as it had been across the other series (don’t even get me started on the big A reveal)! When the flash-forward came out this year I was apprehensive to watch, as I normally find that films/programs that hop on board the ‘where are the characters now’ trend are generally doomed to fail... however, my opinionated self was wrong and I’ve found myself enjoying the show once again. The acting can be really hit and miss which sometimes makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall (dramatic once again Tanith), but in the more recent episodes it seems to have gotten better, with some particularly heart wrenching scenes portrayed by Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer Hastings.  Lets pray the show continues on this route and doesn’t go drastically down hill again any time soon.

There are quite a lot of other series I need to start watching, but sometimes its just finding the time to get invested in a show. I prefer programs that have shorter length episodes as they can be easily watched in the evening... so, I think some of the more gripping and lengthier dramas will have to wait (for now).

What have you been loving on Netflix recently and what do I need on my list of things to watch?


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