Cosy Candles!

One of my favourite things about both autumn and winter, is all of the amazing different candle scents available to buy. Yes of course you can burn candles all year round, but there's just something so relaxing about cozying up on the sofa (or in bed) with a blanket, the room filled with the smell of the most relaxing fragrances. It really just makes any space feel like home. 

Now I've always been one to buy jar candles, but sometimes I find the fragrance they give off while burning is quite disappointing, and only noticeable once you walk back into a room. With ones from brands like Yankee Candle whose candles are more on the pricy side, it's not too great when you can't even appreciate the beautiful scent when it's lit.

A couple of weeks ago I visited my mom's house, and was welcomed by the most beautiful scent as I walked through the door! It's safe to say I was intrigued as to where it was coming from, and when she showed me it was her candle burner with one of the Yankee Candle tart candles melted in the top, I knew I needed to get one for myself.  

So, last week when me and Dan went on a little shopping trip to Merry Hill, I dragged him into the Yankee Candle shop to find one for myself. I didn't plan to get the burner itself from the Yankee Candle store, but when I saw this gorgeous glass Red Berry one, I fell in love and decided to purchase it (to be honest I didn't think £10.99 was actually too bad)! 

It's a simplistic design that fits in perfectly with the current seasons and looks lovely sitting on my mantle piece. All you need to do is place a simple/plain tea light in the bottom section of the burner, and a wax tart melt in the top. When lit, the candle slowly melts the tart and releases the most amazing scent that literally fills up any room.... and when you're done, you just blow out the candle and the wax tart just sets again ready to use another day.

I just find that these tarts (which are also a lot cheaper then keep purchases new candles) do a much better job of distributing the scent around the room; a scent you can constantly notice and appreciate. Also, it means that once one wax tart runs out, you just clean the burner and replace it with a new one! Much better if you like to keep changing scents more often!

So which wax tarts did I go for? (All by Yankee Candle)
Cranberry and Pear (this is the one I'm currently burning, and it smells divine)
Gingerbread Maple
Red Apple Wreath 
Candy Cane Lane

All perfect for Christmas!

What are your favourite candles?


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