My Favourite Hair Duo!

My hair gets so dry. So very very dry. To be honest, the combination of thick, wavy and dry hair really isn't the best, and it makes styling it into a somewhat presentable look virtually impossible. Whenever my shampoo/conditioner duo run out, I scour the shops trying to find something new to try as I've never found anything that has really worked for me. 

One day in Tesco (I think), I was wandering up and down the hair aisle looking for what would be my next hair care cleaning trial... when I came across the Garnier Ultimate Blends collection.

They aren't the cheapest shampoo/conditioners you can pick up on the high street, but they are on offer quite regularly, and I've always managed to buy mine when there's some money off! After smelling the fragrances, I settles on the 'Sleek Restorer' which has a gorgeous sweet chocolatey scent. Made with coconut oil and cocoa butter, both the shampoo and conditioner claim to help smooth dry and frizzy hair... so I thought they were worth a try!

Wow. I am in love with these two products! After first use my hair felt so smooth/soft and looked really shiny and glossy. When it came to styling, the finish of my hair when dry made the whole process far easier and manageable, and I was left with beautiful locks when I was finished!

So, I think my hunt for the 'perfect' hair cleaning duo is over, and I'll definitely be going back to this Ultimate Blends duo again and again!


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