A £1 Nail Varnish!

Can you really buy a high quality and long lasting nail varnish for only £1? Turns out you can!

Primark's very own make up collection P.S, now offers many great quality beauty products for extremely affordable prices. There was once a time when budget beauty items would be of a quality to suit their affordable price... but not anymore! Many people are now turning to the budget brands for all their beauty needs, because why fork out a load of cash when you can pick up things for such a high quality with such inexpensive price tags?

I always have problems with nail vanish, probably because my nails are so brittle and susceptible to peeling and breakages. So, when I spotted this beautiful peachy/orange toned varnish with flecks of gold glitter within, I instantly wanted to give it a try. For the bargain price of £1, the decision was a no brainer and it went straight into my basket.

First of all, the colour is beautiful and perfect for spring/summer! When applying, I was extremely impressed with how easily the polish went on, and how it only took a couple of coats to really build it up to a point of opacity. Now, since I am someone who's nail varnish never lasts longer then a couple of days before chipping, I didn't expect much from this product; however, I was very pleasantly surprised when it lasted a good week on my brittle nails before it finally began to chip and needed removing!

For such a cheap and affordable price, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality, colour and longevity of this beautiful P.S nail varnish.


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