A Beautiful Eyeshadow Pencil!

If you saw my 'Beauty Haul' post last week, you may have seen that this little product was one of the new items I picked up.... and to be quite frank, I love it!

It's one of the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils in the shade Vintage Blush, and it's the post beautiful pink/gold shade that looks stunning on the eyelid!

 When I saw these eyeshadow pencils on the Collection stand in boots, this one immediately caught my eye, although there were five other wonderful colours to choose from! They claim to be waterproof and long lasting... which I definitely agree with. I've used this so many times since I picked it up, and I just adore it. It's so easy to apply with it being in this pencil form, and once you've drawn it on to your lid it pretty much lasts all day long... you only have a few minutes to blend it out in the way you want before it drys (and from then on... it doesn't budge)!

For only just over £3, these pencils are a complete bargain considering their quality, pigmentation and longevity, and I will definitely be picking some more colours up soon!

Have you tried these eyeshadow pencils?


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