New York Itinerary!

With just over two months until I head to New York City for the very first time with my wonderful boyfriend, it's time to start planning all the places we want to go and all the things we want to see!

I cannot describe how excited I am about the trip; and as our very first holiday abroad after 3 and a half years together, it's making the trip seem even more exciting! 

There's just so many things available to do in the Big Apple.... it's hard to decide what we really want to do during our time there!

(Photographs are not my own. All found via Flickr creative commons)

Of course, I cannot go to NYC without visiting the iconic Empire State building!

We've already booked our tickets to go to the top of the crown at the Statue of Liberty, so I'm going to be capturing all the typical tourist shots when we're there! 

I'd never heard about the Highline until relatively recently, and since we're visiting NYC in June when (hopefully) the weather will be nice, it will be fantastic to walk along the Highline and get some great views of the city from all different angles!

Central Park always looks so beautiful in films and on television, so it's definitely somewhere we are going to have to have a good walk around on a nice day during our holiday! 

Grand Central Terminal looks spectacular... and even though we won't be catching any trains from there, we will definitely be taking a trip to check it out!

Other places I want to visit include the Rockerfeller Centre, Ground Zero and of course... some of the iconic shops that are around in New York City!

Where do you recommend visiting?


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