Tanith's Thoughts: The Tattoo Edition!

Today I thought I would bring you a slightly different post. I've decided to create a series of posts called 'Tanith's Thoughts' in which I'll discuss my opinions on a topic/issue/idea... pretty much anything I can think of! 

Today, that topic is tattoo's! Love them, or hate them; they're everywhere, and with it being such a diverse topic in relation to people's opinions I thought I'd delve in and share mine with you all. 

I personally, was someone who always said that I never wanted any tattoos.... mainly because of the pain aspect, but also because there was nothing I wanted enough to commit to having on my body for the rest of my life. However, a few years ago, that changed, and I now have two tattoos.... both of which I got in relatively quick succession to one another!

I think tattoo's are a topic which really divide people and their opinions. Many people question other's wants for tattoos and highlight the fact that you're 'stuck' with them for the rest of your life.... but for me, if it's something I wanted at the time then I'll just go for it. At the end of the day, if you regret it later in life then you know that it once made you happy. Surely it's like everything else..... you regret the things you don't do as opposed to the ones you do. Right? 

I have two tattoos. One on my right foot and the other on my left wrist. I took a leap with the one on my foot as this was the first tattoo I had done. I was nervous, but decided to go for the tattoo that really meant a lot to me first, just incase I decided that I definitely didn't want anymore. Now, I haven't taken pictures of this one because I'm pretty sure that none of you want to see photographs of my foot all over the internet. This tattoo I had done in memory of my dad. He was a bit cycler and cycling fanatic so I decided to incorporate this within the design. In the shape of a heart, half of the tattoo is a bike chain, and the other half is a saying he wrote himself; 'I will not be beaten by my own inability'. Such a good phrase to live by, particularly for someone like me who suffers from anxiety and has allowed it to stop me doing many things. 

I love this tattoo. It means so much to me and whenever I look at it, it reminds me of not only my wonderful dad, but to not let my mind get in the way with what I want to do. My wrist tattoo is the one featured in the above photographs, and says the french saying 'Joie de vivre'..... translated to 'the joy of life' or 'cheerful enjoyment of life'. I love this saying. That's pretty much the reason behind that one. 

I suppose there is no reason to justify why you get tattoos, wanting it is enough. 

At the end of the day, our bodies are our's to do with as we please. We shouldn't be here to make other's happy with the decisions we make on our appearances; we should do things because we want to. Tattoos can give people so much stigma and there are a ton of stereotypes surrounding people covered in tattoos.... but what do they matter? Just because someone decides to cover their body with artwork that doesn't make them any less of a decent person then anyone else. If people are discriminated/judged for other things then it is seen as unfair or unjust, so I don't understand how tattoos are any exception.

Lets get rid of the stigma and judgement and embrace/accept people and the way they want to represent their bodies. If it isn't effecting you, then it shouldn't concern you. It's the same with everything.

What are your thoughts?


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