A Few Bits From Lush!

I've never been a bath girl. Not in the slightest. I always got in one and within five minutes felt too hot, restless and uncomfortable so had to get back out.... a total waste of water I know! Showers have always been my thing. They're simple, do the job and you don't end up wrinkly by the time you get out!

All that being said, a few weeks ago while I was feeling ill and achy, I decided a bath might help to relax my muscles and just generally make me feel better; and... well, it worked! I'm pretty sure that was the first bath I've enjoyed in years. Literally years. 

Since that day a few weeks ago, I've been having relaxing baths pretty regularly, and it's great! I've always loved looking in LUSH when I walk past and seeing so many blog posts on their beautiful products made me wish I enjoyed baths... just so I could try them out. Now I can!

On Monday, I had a four our gap between my classes at university (sucks I know); so I decided to go and peruse my local LUSH store and pick up something to try. Now, I only intended to buy one thing, be it a bath bomb, bath melt etc.... however, that plan went slightly down the drain after I began smelling everything! So one very quickly turned in to four. 

I did want to try a bath melt. With those you just crumble a bit into your bath each time, so it lasts a lot long.... bath bombs on the other hand are a one time only product - although they are pretty spectacular when you drop them into your bath! 

After spending far too long looking at/smelling all the different products, I settled on the following four bath bombs....

Click on each name to find out more information on the LUSH website.

(I used this the other day and featured it on my YouTube channel here)

What are your favourite items from LUSH, and what do you suggest I try next?


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