Well hello there blogger!

Just thought I'd introduce myself to all of you lovely people out there! I'm Tanith (tan for short... or for those who struggle to say/remember my unusual name), twenty years of age and currently living in England. I am just about to start my second year studying a BA degree in media and communications, mainly focusing in television/video production and photography - two of my biggest loves!

As much as I love the fun/creativity my degree gives me, it also requires a lot of hard work and dedication; long days working, and occasionally a great deal of stress! But with every hurdle, something amazing comes out the other end if you work for it and believe in what you do.

I want this blog to be a place for me to show you all different aspects of my life, and share my passions, ideas and every day experiences with you all! So I think it's safe to say, this will be classed as a "lifestyle" blog for the forceable future as I am in no way an expert in any area I talk about....just a girl with a love for all things interesting!

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